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Transform Your Career

πŸš€ Streamlined Career Growth

Effortlessly assess skills, bridge gaps, and strategize for success. Job Pilot ensures a focused and effective career journey.

🀝 Seamless Networking

Forge connections effortlessly. Manage contacts to amplify your networking impact.

πŸ” Job Hunt Made Easy

Simplify your job search. Track applications seamlessly and navigate the process with confidence.

πŸ“„ Tailored Applications

Personalize application materials. Present your best self for each opportunity.

🌟Bonus Brilliance

Access expert-designed templates, AI-powered assistance, and invaluable resourcesβ€”unlocking your full potential.

Go Beyond Boundaries

πŸ—‚οΈ Organized Resources

Keep career resources aligned with objectives. Stay organized effortlessly, enhancing your path to achievement.

🎯 Clear Goal Achievement

Set and conquer career goals with precision. This tool breaks them down into manageable steps, keeping you on track.

πŸ€” Informed Decisions

Elevate interview performance. Immerse in company insights to make smart career decisions.

πŸ”„ Unlimited Evolution

Experience continuous improvement. Commitment to support evolves alongside your journey.

πŸš€ Effortless Start

Getting started is simple: secure your spot, duplicate the template, and embark on your journey with Job Pilot.

Career Development Toolkit

πŸ“Š Skills Assessment Worksheet

Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and skills, rate your proficiency levels, and identify areas for improvement.

🎯 Goals & Action Plan

Set clear short, mid, and long-term career goals. Break them into actionable steps, set timelines, and track progress with a motivating action plan.

πŸ—ƒοΈ Resources Manager

Align resources with goals and Objectives. Organize articles, videos, courses, and more.

Job Search Toolkit

πŸ” Job Application Tracker

Keep track of all your applications, deadlines, and follow-ups in one place.

🀝 Networking Tracker

Organize your contacts and nurture valuable relationships effortlessly

🏒 Company Profile

Effortlessly store and track vital details about each company,

πŸ“„ Resume Manager

Manage Multiple Versions of Your Resume/CV and Cover Letter with Ease.

Make It Yours

Tailor your experience with personalized settings. Adjust preferences, themes, and
layouts to match your unique career journey.

Effortless Capture

Seamlessly record and capture new information with Inbox and Quick Buttons, your partners in effortless and instant data capture.

Smooth Navigation
Across All Pages

Enjoy a smooth and intuitive experience as you seamlessly navigate through all sections and pages.

Stay Informed & Empowered

Effortlessly view your recent goals, stay on top of your current action plan, keep track of recently applied jobs, and never miss an upcoming interview.navigate through all sections and pages.

Get Exclusive Bonus

(Total Value: $1000+)

Access expert-designed templates, AI-powered assistance, and invaluable resources, and more.

Choose Your Plan

Enjoy lifetime access, and no subscription fees. Free updates for life.

Job Pilot Pro / $99

One-time payment

Career Development Toolkit:
βœ“ Skills Assessment Worksheet
βœ“ Career Goals & Action Planner
βœ“ Career Resources Manager
Job Search Toolkit:
βœ“ Job Application Tracker
βœ“ Contact Tracker
βœ“ Company Profile
βœ“ Resume Manager
Exclusive Bonus:
βœ“ Resume/CV Templates
βœ“ Cover Letter & Reference Templates
βœ“ AI Resume & LinkedIn Assistance
βœ“ Career Resources
βœ“ Free Updates
βœ“ Priority Support

Businesses - $199

One-time payment

βœ“ Everything in Job Pilot
βœ“ Extend License
βœ“ 24/7 Priority Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Job Pilot is a comprehensive job seeker notion template designed to streamline your job search process. It offers features such as job application tracking, contact management, company insights, resume templates, cover letter assistance, and AI resume writing to enhance your job-seeking journey.

Job Pilot empowers you to stay organized and efficient by tracking your job applications, managing contacts, tracking valuable insights about companies, creating professional resumes and cover letters, and leveraging AI-powered tools for optimizing your application materials. It saves you time, enhances your chances of success, and helps you navigate the competitive job market effectively.

Absolutely! Job Pilot provides expertly designed resume templates and offers AI resume writing assistance (ChatGPT Prompts). It helps you create tailored resumes and captivating cover letters that highlight your skills and experiences effectively, increasing your chances of getting noticed by employers.

With AI resume writing assistance, Job Pilot utilizes advanced Frameworks and ChatGPT Prompts to guide you in crafting personalized resumes. The AI-powered wizardry suggests improvements, offers keyword optimization suggestions, and helps you optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and potential employers.

Yes, Job Pilot provides a job application tracker feature where you can monitor the progress of your applications, keep track of application details, set reminders for follow-ups, and stay organized throughout the application process.

Job Pilot's Comprehensive Company Insights is a powerful tool that allows you to track and store detailed information about companies of interest. It provides access to company overviews, key details, and valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

Absolutely! Job Pilot goes the extra mile to support your job search success. We offer expert resume/CV review and writing services, ensuring your application stands out from the crowd. Additionally, our team can assist you in crafting captivating cover letters that make a lasting impression. We also provide LinkedIn optimization services to help you make a strong professional presence online. It also provides access to a comprehensive library of career resources, articles, and expert advice to support your job search and professional development.

Absolutely! Job Pilot offers a dedicated support system and a help center where you can find answers to common questions and contact their customer support team for assistance. They are committed to providing a seamless user experience and addressing any concerns you may have.

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Your ultimate career co-pilot on Notion!

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